What we do is the proof that we believe in your business.

We help businesses to scale safely and effectively.

Our Core Services include:-

1. Business Audit

Comprehensive and independent review of the business. Spotting opportunities for growth; and any potential barriers to growth, with recommendations on how these could be tackled. Strategy; Finance; Customers; People; Process.

Lloyds Bank Business Scaling Pilot

2. Marketing and Communications Audit

Comprehensive and independent review of the businesses marketing and communications strategy and tactics. Integrated marketing and communications. Helping you to find the best marketing mix. Maximising the business impact of all your marketing activity.

3. Proposition Development

Developing powerful and compelling Value Propositions and Key Messages for the business. Influencing targets customers to engage and do business with you. Coordinated external and internal communications.

4. Brand development and brand positioning

Why brand is important; building your brand profile and visibility; standing out from the crowd – brand positioning; brand values; visual styling; a tone of voice.

British Humanist Association

5. Executing your Marketing Strategy

Working up a practical and coordinated Marketing Plan delivering on your Marketing Priorities; running a Marketing Timetable linked to a Marketing Budget; measuring the business impact of all your marketing and your marketing effectiveness.

6. Your business in web and digital media

Mapping the desired customer experience and customer journey; website structure and navigation; visual styling and imagery; web content development; customer interaction and application process; site design and build. Online networking and social media.

7. Partner programmes

Building links with partners/professional organisations/online groups that open up opportunities for you to access groups of target clients; and using partner recommendations and lead-ins to with new clients; making win/win work with partners; aligning objectives and rewards.

Through these core services we help you to:-

  1. Identify why people should support your business (brand leadership)
  2. Build strong revenue growth in existing markets
  3. Identify new products and new markets
  4. Develop thought leadership in your sector
  5. Minimise the associated costs
  6. Ensure that downside risks are manageable
  7. Manage your communications with all stakeholders throughout