Introducing Green Triangle

Green Triangle is a marketing communications agency established by Nick Brown and Jonathan Harradine. We specialise in the global, national and London Market insurance sectors while staying abreast of innovative marketing developments by working with UK businesses to help them scale their businesses in a sustainable manner. This often involves us in a range of interesting challenges. We aim to give our clients and their staff the tools to improve their business performance.

We do this with our clients by:
• Conducting business and marketing and communications reviews and identifying target markets
• Analysing markets and the competitive environment to test and verify the growth plans
• Developing powerful and engaging value propositions, right for the market and the client’s business circumstances
• Looking at the resources to drive business growth – people; financials; processes; technology
• Profiling the customer base and identifying growth opportunities with untapped potential.

We focus on businesses with over £10m turnover that have competitive advantages and significant potential to scale up.

For us, success looks like a client portfolio where we’ve really made a difference.