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Please find below a mini course of marketing videos. You can subscribe to this free course by clicking Here (WIP) and we will email then to you once a week or so. Or Simply view them below

These videos are of an informal nature designed to help you and your staff to better understand our thinking and how we can best help you to help yourself and your team to build your business both safely and sustainably.

1. The Marketing Mini-Course – It’s Content

2. Introduction to Marketing – An overview

3a. The Growth Stages of your business – Building your brand


4. Aligning the values of Your Brand, Your Staff and Your Customers

5. Developing a Marketing Plan

6. Building your Brand – Brand Differentiators – The WHY – Brand Leadership

7. Finding new customers – Customer Acquisition – The WHAT – Revenue Leadership

8. Keeping customers – Customer Retention – The HOW – Thought Leadership

9. Growing your business safely and sustainably – Risk Management

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