Nick Brown

Nick has over 25 years experience in strategic marketing.

Before founding Green Triangle, Nick founded and ran LBM a London based direct marketing agency, with clients such as Army Recruiting Group, BSkyB, Abbey National, Avis Fleet, Securicor, Eastern Electricity, BAA Gatwick, Polygram, Oxfam Publishing, and Government Computing.

This experience has given Nick some expertise in managing people to get the right results, from building the marketing databases for Avis Fleet and the British Army, to convincing the world that Gatwick was somewhere near London, through the London Gatwick Campaigns.

Nick has used that experience to build trust and change perceptions with West Midlands Police, using PCSO’s to engage with the local community. This is now an ACPO best practice case study. Nick also ran the Small Business Rate Relief campaign, that recovered £millions for local businesses across the Country.

Nick is a published Author Thrive and Survive in Business and in his spare time he runs Welwyn and Hatfield Chamber of Commerce

Prior to founding LBM in 1988 Nick was Group accountant for RSVP Group, helped build a public house group from 3 to 15 pubs in 3 years and worked in front line sales for Flemings Bank.

Nick is an experienced trainer, facilitator and workshop leader. He has participated in Executive Education programmes as a student and as a tutor. He holds a degree in Pure Physics from London University, worked with Gary Hamel at London Business School on Change Management and Strategy Implementation on the 1996 Exec MBA course and has been facilitating change ever since.

His specialities include:- Customer Understanding, Customer Engagement, Internal and External Change Management, Customer led incremental Innovation, Brand led Fundamental Innovation, Building Inspiration through Belief and Trust, Empowerment whilst keeping track of activities and ROI.